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The purpose of LCS is to provide an outstanding academic education integrated with the Christian view of God and the world, based on the authoritative and infallible Word of God. Because the Christian approach to learning differs significantly from the secular approach, LCS offers a curriculum rooted in a God-centered view of life. This view holds that God’s truth is the standard for all truth. The teachers at LCS challenge their students to master the material at every level. Students in K-3rd grade are evaluated on an excellence scale; students in 4th-8th grade receive letter grades. Our curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of education including: Phonics based reading, Writing - including cursive, Mathematics, Enhanced Science Programs, history, and Spanish (7th & 8th grade)


Through dedicated christian teachers and staff, LCS works together with parents and churches, challenging each to grow and develop in his/her relationship with Christ. Students in 1st-5th grade memorize the basic building blocks of the Christian faith, and all students memorize scripture and study the Bible.

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We offer many student and family centered activities which include: Fine Arts, Athletics, Enriching Chapels, Community service occasions, Community outreach and involvement, choir & band, and Student government in junior high.


Our elementary and middle school both enjoy weekly STEM lessons and projects enriching our students.

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